Pesto’s Fine Foods Pty Ltd

123 Main Street,

Brisbane, QLD, 4000

ABN: 123 456 789

Business / New equipment Proposal












Submitted to

Rose Rossi, CEO

 Submitted by

Amber Lee, Restaurant Manager





1. Describe the problem, condition or observation that inspired this proposal.


Customers complained about the long waits before they are served, especially the walk-in dinners that needed to wait for a minimum of 30 minutes and the guests using the new courtyard who hardly got the attention of servers.


Wait staff and kitchen staff also complained of poor management support and work pressure. An increase in wait staff turnover was also observed.


Again, the food that chefs prepare is often more than customers demand, and the unpurchased food ends up in bins as food waste.




2. Provide an overview of the initiative you are proposing.

To solve the above, Pesto’s should purchase HosPOS Tableside

3. Who benefits from this initiative and how?


Tableside ordering procedure will allow customers to place orders directly with the kitchen staff and also communicate with the main terminal to process payment. This will reduce the work pressure that the wait staff experience. It will also solve the problem of long wait customers do not have to wait for wait staff to bring menus and take orders anymore.


The restaurant inventory management tool in HosPOS Tableside technology will also guide the head to check sales trends, food costs, and manage stock level to avoid over-ordering of food and manage food waste generation.

4. What could be the risks in implementing this initiative?



All the risks related to technology adoption affect this initiative. The most likely risks include:

· Regulatory compliance risk

· Cyber risks

· Operational culture risk

5. What could be some alternatives to this initiative?


Exploring e-commerce, where customers can buy their preferred dishes (online) without going to the restaurant

6. When should this initiative be attempted?


 If footfalls are too much for the restaurant to serve within its physical space, even after the installation of HosPOS



7. How much do you expect this initiative will cost?


The initiative will cost $85,256 for the first two years (2020 and 2021)

8. What strategy do you propose to complete this initiative?


     Continuous improvement

9. Which stakeholders will be impacted by this initiative, and how?


Customers through reduced wait time

Wait staff and kitchen staff through reduced work pressure

10. What staff / resources will be required for the initiative?


The CEO, Director-Operations & Finance, restaurant manager, kitchen staff, and wait staff all have a role to play during the implementation of the initiative



 Tableside bundle -24-month contract

 Restaurant’s floor space and tables


 ¨ Yes   ¨ No