Assessment tittle:


Age of Children:

0-3 years




5th Aug, 2022

Lesson Duration

40 minutes

Group Size

   Small              if small, how many______3 students______





Routine Task ______________________________

Other ____________________________________

Lesson Objectives

Encourage identification of corresponding images

Promote image processing by presenting several pictures to the children

Teach pattern recognition skills to the young children

Children’s interests/prior Knowledge

Ability to follow instructions and follow educator’s guidelines to complete the assigned tasks.


Images of patterns, shapes, and objects, in pairs

Table top

Description of Experience/Procedure

Educator avails the required images and distributes to the children for viewing. The teacher then issues instructions on how the activity should be conducted. After giving instructions, the educator walks around to observe the activities of each group to see if children are able to find matching pictures.






Provide a questions and answer session in which the children ask questions and explain what they found interesting or challenging about the game. This helps to gauge children’s understanding of the major concepts of the practice.




The teacher may explain the capabilities that the activity aimed to achieve and comment on how the groups and individuals performed. In this process, the educator decides if the lesson’s objectives have been achieved or not


Pedagogical Practices (Teaching Strategies)  

Educator’s role

Avails the necessary resources, gives guidelines, supervises, and gives illustrations and feedback. The teacher has to ensure all objectives are met by the end of the lesson.


Open-ended Questions

Which pictures of objects, patterns, and shape can the children understand with ease?

What teaching strategies and class activities will enable attainment of the set objectives?



Evaluation of Experience


Assessment/documentation for children’s learning:

Observation of group activities and conducting of a short test to determine how much the children gained from the lesson.



Achievement's narration:

The lesson’s objectives are successfully attained if the children:

Name the objects, patterns, and shapes in the pictures

Correctly matches similar images  



Linking to EYLF Outcome/s


Tick one relevant outcome and provide rationale

LO1: Children have a strong sense of identity

LO2: Children are connected with and contribute to their world

LO3: Children have a strong sense of wellbeing

LO4: Children are confident and involved learners

LO5: Children are effective communicators


Confidence and active involvement help the children to match the images and clearly explain their reasoning to others.


Future Planning

Introduce advanced object matching activities such as ones where children match items with their usage or where they are found in homes. The game could also involve matching objects that are used together.