Assessment 2: PART A

A mission statement

To create safer and healthier work environment for staff and ensure safety and security of customers’ property through thorough and reliable cleaning services, compliance with the best industry standards, and continuous improvement practices.

A vision statement

We respect every person’s right to live in a healthy and safe environment and work hard to be recognised as the leading provider of thorough, reliable, and professional residential cleaning services in Melbourne.

A set of core values

We at All Clean follow a set of core values, which determine our actions and decisions to mould our company into what we expect it to be. We believe that making these values part of our practice generates long-term benefits for supplies, employees, customers, and the communities. All Clean continually strives to create the most conducive work environment in the industry. The company’s culture promotes highest ethical standards, client care, and commitment to the core values.

The Core Values

· Respect: The organisation works with and for people with different needs and, therefore, encourages staff to understand and respect the values, choices, and decisions of every person.

· Responsibility: All Clean adheres to integrity in all of its actions toward customers, staff, environment, and the community.

· Caring: The Company understands its role in preventing and avoiding practices that could harm the environment, staff, and customers.

· Excellence: All Clean selects the most professional cleaners to ensure delivery of high quality cleaning and the best customer experience.

· Integrity: The Company upholds honesty and transparency, and strives to deliver on its promises to customers and the community.

· Innovation: The organisation values management and communication systems that enable it to provide increasingly efficient services.


The following are the fundamental objectives for our cleaning business:

· Primary objective: To become the leading provider of domestic cleaning services in Melbourne

· Financial objectives: To generate business-sustaining cash flow, prevent losses, and ensure the business survives on its income

· Customer satisfaction: To meet and exceed customers’ expectations, acquire customer trust and loyalty, and conduct quality assessments to improve services as required.


Assessment 2: PART B

1. Now that the emergency has been contained, describe the process you will follow to investigate what happened

· Observe the scene: Check the damages that resulted from the fire and look for witnesses in preparation to determine the root cause of the fire. Also check for flammable devices in the building. These may include gas canisters and electrical equipment that could have exploded.

· Assess the scene: This step involves finding the staff with information on the company’s safety and integrity issues. Additional information on the scene and its condition is also necessary before proceeding with the investigation. Investigation involves interviewing of witnesses to know who was present when the fire broke out, the time when fire started, and events that took place during the incident.

· Documenting the scene: It entails writing notes, taking pictures, and recording videos of the scene.  Documentation helps to capture the original state of the scene so investigation is not interfered with in case evidence is moved or interfered with.

· Processing the evidence: This involves physically sifting through the scene to identify, gather, and preserve relevant evidence such as matches, explosives, and any other devices that may be linked to the origin of the fire.

· Completing investigation: The scene should be released now and the report be submitted to the proper database.


2. Who would you report your findings to and how would you do this?

Findings should be reported to Health and Safety Representative via email or by delivering the physical documents directly during a face-to-face meeting


3. Prepare an incident investigation report and attach it to this assessment pack. You may use the template provided in Appendix A – Incident Investigation template.


Incident Investigation Template

This form is to be completed with reference to the Hazard/Incident Report and Investigation Procedure

1. Incident

Date of Incident:

Time of Incident:

Incident Investigation Date:


03:17 PM


School / Workplace:

All Clean, Melbourne


2. Persons Involved in the Investigation



Name of person conducting investigation:

Hugo Carter

Workplace Manager:

Angus Gibson

Management OHS Nominee:

Lucy Stewart

Health and Safety Representative:

Bodhi Kidman

Other: Human Resource Manager

Anna Lewis


Name of person(s) who were injured – (Note: Due to privacy reasons students’ names are not to be identified in this report)

Aidan Morgan

David Wenham


3. Injury(s) Sustained

Thermal burns


4. Incident Location - (please state exact location)

Head, neck, and arms


Description of Incident – (Provide a brief description)

Aidan Morgan had charred injuries that looked white and black on the head and neck while David Wenham had deep red injuries on both arms. The witnesses explained that Aidan was inside the storage area when the fire broke out, hence he sustained most burns. David, on the other hand, sustained the burns on his arms while trying to rescue Aidan.

Has a similar incident/near miss occurred previously? q Yes  ü No   

Were there procedures in place to minimise the risk? ü Yes  q No   

Has a Risk Assessment for the task been completed/reviewed (if applicable)                    

 ü Yes  q No  


5. Medical Treatment – (Please provide a brief explanation of the medical treatment or first aid that was applied)


Was an ambulance called? ü Yes  q No 


6. Key Contributing Factors – (Provide a brief description of the circumstances that led to the incident/injury occurring and the immediate cause)

Work methods and systems (e.g. training, unclear work procedures, flow of information) One of the cleaning staff saw that plastic containers, cartons and papers had accumulated inside the storage area and decided to burn them. The employee lit fire in an empty space that was closest to the storage area. This seemed convenient as the clutter would take time to move to a different location. Due to the close proximity of this space to the storage point and poor ventilation, the highly flammable chemical cleaning detergents and solutions caught fire.

Other comments: The cleaning staff had not received adequate guidance on ways of disposing clutter from the storage point. The fault could also be the outcome of poor flow of information from management regarding the highly flammable state of the chemicals used for cleaning. Also, the work guidelines may not have prohibited the burning of empty bottles and papers within the workplace.

7. Documents Collected - (e.g. interviews, photos, Safe Work Procedures, and risk assessments).

Name of Document


Risk assessment

ü Yes  q No




8.Corrective Actions - (Provide a detailed description of what actions are to be taken to reduce the risk of the incident/injury from occurring again)


Completion Date

Person Responsible

Actions Completed

Employee training: To clarify work procedures, especially the use and disposal of clutter from the storage place. Also, to share information on combustibility of the solutions and chemicals used during cleaning.


Human resource manager

ü Yes  q No   

Safe storage: Improve the safety of the storage area by improving ventilation and keep fire protection equipment near the area of storage



ü Yes  q No   








No injury



Injury/ ill health requiring first aid



Injury/ill health requiring medical attention



Injury/ill health requiring hospital admission




Risk Level








Almost Certain





































Risk Level:



Notify Workplace Manager and/or Management OHS Nominee immediately.  Corrective actions should be taken immediately. Cease associated activity.


Notify Workplace Manager and/or Management OHS Nominee immediately. Corrective actions should be taken within 48 hours of notification


Notify Nominated employee, HSR / OHS Committee.  Nominated employee, OHS Representative / OHS Committee is to follow up that corrective action is taken within 7 days.


Notify Nominated employee, HSR / OHS Committee.  Nominated employee, HSR / OHS Committee is to follow up that corrective action is taken within a reasonable time.


4. Update an incident report. You may use the template provided in Appendix B – Operational Risk Register Template.



For the Year ___2022-2023_____

Identified risk



Current controls

Future actions


Injury or death of staff


Employees may sustain burns or other injuries resulting from fire, or death may occur in more severe cases

Hiring of professional cleaners with experience in the industry

Training and provision of information and detailed guide on use, storage, and disposal of cleaning resources


Regulatory risk


Withdrawal of operating license or implementation of stricter conditions that reduce the economic value of the business


All Clean complies with Work Health and Safety regulation

Strengthen compliance policies and implementing internal controls


Operational risk



Loss of cleaning supplies to the fire or damage to the building that halt business progress


Company has a storage area for all its cleaning supplies

 Improving ventilation of the area, installing fire protection equipment, and training staff to maintain safety


Environmental risk


Air pollution and emission of gases like carbon dioxide, which are harmful to human health

The organisation owns metallic containers with lids for disposal of used containers


Purchase appropriate equipment for recycling the used plastic containers

Assessment 2: PART C

[See Assessment 2 – Part C PPT]



Assessment 3: Part A

Change Management Plan

Objectives of the Changes

· To make green-thinking part of the culture of the company

· To create a green vision and establish a clear approach for achieving the goals

· To develop the green measures for achieving sustainability

· To introduce employees to digital communication techniques

· To strengthen the corporate image through green branding

Analysis of Change Objectives

The change is intended to promote the use of environmentally friendly cleaning agents. With this change, All Clean will stop using the highly flammable cleaning chemicals that caused the previous fire incident. However, more effort placed on staff health and safety because the traditional consumable items used for cleaning can harm cleaners through skin contact and when inhaled. All Clean should as well be ready to modify its processes, conduct adequate staff training, and raise the money to purchase the necessary products and equipment.

Clean and Green Sustainability Measures

· Social principles – respect and safety of employees and customers

· Environmental principles - time saving, no pollution, reduced energy costs

· Economic principles – growth of sales, stable income, and profitability

Required Resources

· Process modification

· Staff training programs

· Purchase of specialized products and equipment

Human Implications of the Initiative

Staff training must be conducted to help employees understand how to use the new products and equipment appropriately.

How the Measures meet Organisational and Legal Requirements

The measures match company and legal policies that promote energy/resources conservation and reduction of pollution.


· High costs – environmentally friendly cleaning products have high up-front costs

· Loss of current suppliers – when All Clean goes green, the company will have to find vendors that sell green cleaning products and equipment. They may have to find new suppliers

· Time – ‘Go Green and Clean’ initiative may be easy to plan but its implementation throughout the organisation will take time

Comparing the Changes Measures to All Clean’s identified Risks

These measures involve the elimination of the highly combustible cleaning chemicals and solutions that the company used, and which are linked to the fire incident. The implementation of the Go Green and Clean program is, thus, a move towards avoiding reoccurrence of the fire incident.

Comparing the Change to Global Trends

In today’s global market, being green catalyses innovation, creation of wealth, and opens new market opportunities for doing business.

Recommended Change Management Strategies

· Careful planning – a clear plan showing how, why, and when change will be implemented is necessary

· Encourage communication and sharing of ideas between management and employees

· Develop a clear roadmap to help staff understand where All Clean is and where it is headed

· Offer comprehensive training to enable staff master the new ways of completing the cleaning tasks

· Roll out the changes slowly, to help employees adjust effectively

· Monitor and measure the progress of the initiative to identify issues and resolve them in a timely manner

Importance of a Communication Plan

The plan will enable identification of stakeholders that should know about the project, the time and frequency of updates, and the personnel that will perform the distribution of information

Communication Modes

· Presentations

· Emails

· Training notes

How to involve All Clean Staff

· Create continuous improvement teams

· Implement problem-solving efforts for labour management

· Use systems for structured suggestion

Assigning Roles and Responsibilities to Staff

· Management should understand the strengths and weaknesses of every employee, and match them with what needs to be done

· Meet regularly with staff to discuss their priorities and long-term goals

· Indicate the goals of every role or responsibility assigned to the staff

How to empower Teams during Change

· Seek input, ideas, and insights from the teams

· Give positive feedback

· Provide opportunities for capacity improvement to all team members

· Promote open communication

· Show team members that you trust them

Maintaining a Positive Work Environment

· Emphasise onboarding and training

· Assist the employees in creating a comfortable environment of work

· Promote collaboration and communication among team members

· Develop learning opportunities

Staff Contribution towards Innovation of Change

· Include innovation among All Clean’s core values

· Ensure the hired staff have different perspectives

· Create time ad space to allow staff to innovate

· Implement employees’ ideas immediately

· Reward employees that raise innovative ideas

· Provide the necessary training

External Experts to consult

· Health and safety representatives

· Customers

· Regulators





Assessment 3: Part B

Reflective Journal

My Role

As the Operations Manager, I decided the processes and practices that all groups and individuals needed to take to ensure that “Go Green and Clean” initiative worked in every department of the organisation. I formulated the strategy, recommended performance improvement models, and procured the necessary resources and materials. In all these, I ensured that group and individual practices complied with the relevant legislations and policies.

Key Aspects

Role modelling: Key aspects included acceptance of others, clear definition of values, ability to inspire, and determination to overcome obstacles.

Effective communication: Questioning and listening while others explain their ideas, incorporation of participatory style of management, honesty, and application of available technology.

Consultation process: Taking note of priority issues, performing stakeholder analysis, developing a consultation plan, distribution of information in advance, and provision of feedback and outcomes.

Workplace culture

To improve our organisation’s culture, I implemented several strategies. They include granting teams’ autonomy, creating strong employee relationships, frequently recognising employees that perform well, aligning people’s practices to change purpose, encouraging communication, and giving employees positive experiences.

Global Environment and New Technology

When implementing the change, I understood that several other companies within our industry were doing the same. I, therefore, had to ensure that the process went through successfully and that the outcome had the potential of being even better than some of our competitors. Application of the latest technology proved essential to communication, training, and development of tools for change strategy management.

As a Leader in a Consultation and Decision-making Process

When holding a consultation leadership role, I allowed key individuals to share their thoughts about the most effective ways of solving problems and encouraged them to decide the choice they believed would best solve the issues. This practice facilitated collaboration during risk analysis and mediation, ensured solutions were found on time, and enabled solution of all the identified issues.

As a leader in decision-making process, I focused on identification of outcomes and recognition of factors that may affect it. This enabled identification of risks and establishment of risk management strategy beforehand. By solving potential challenges, no delays would happen to the set timeframes and most of the associated issues would be solved on time.

Building Trust and Support

To build trust, I emphasised honesty and would admit if I did not understand a process, idea, or strategy. I also encouraged transparency and showed my colleagues and superiors how to go about it. Again, I would provide networking opportunities for team members to speak about their capabilities, and I identified areas where they needed support to improve.

Assigning Accountabilities and Responsibilities

· To participate in meetings by raising concerns and offering suggestions for improvement

· To maintain the highest-standard of professionalism as All Clean representatives before clients and stakeholders

Resourcing Plan

Project implementation plan as it identified the physical resources (labour, materials, equipment, etc.) that the organisation had to acquire for successful completion of the project.

Strategies for:

Team empowerment: Availing the necessary resources, acceptance of ideas and inputs, sharing the company’s vision, setting clear expectations, recognition of employees’ hard work, and offering constructive feedback.

Positive work environment: Making on-boarding and training, promoting team collaboration and communication, and availing learning and career development opportunities,

Innovation: The organisation should embrace brainstorming, and encourage good relationships between management and employees.






Assessment 3: Part C

[Role Play: Involves presentation and discussion of the change management plan in Assessment 3, Part A]


Assessment 4: Part A

Notes in Preparation for Session/Workshop


· To make green-thinking part of the culture of the company

· To create a green vision and establish a clear approach for achieving the goals

· To develop the green measures for achieving sustainability

· To introduce employees to digital communication techniques

· To strengthen the corporate image through green branding


· Caring: The Company understands its role in preventing and avoiding practices that could harm the environment, staff, and customers.

· Integrity: The Company upholds honesty and transparency, and strives to deliver on its promises to the staff, customers, and the community.

· Innovation: The organisation values management and communication systems that facilitate brainstorming and sharing of ideas

Requirements for Team 

· Developing the change implementation plan

· Delegation of tasks

· Managing expectations

· Maintaining accountability

Organisational expectation in:

a) Environmental Management

Purchase and use of green cleaning products

b) WH&S

Minimise the health effect that result from inhaling or getting in contact with the green cleaning products

c) Product Safety

Find alternative (green) products that cause no harm when inhaled or if they get in contact with the skin, to minimise health risks posed on cleaners

d) Service

Cleaners should maintain professionalism and friendliness when dealing with clients. Customers may, however, pay higher fees for the cleaning services.

e) Values and Ethics

These include honesty, integrity, trust, respect, compassion, and accountability

Visual/Learning Aids to use for Managers Training

Photographs: These are pictures of the best green products and equipment that All Clean needs.

Examples of environmentally friendly cleaning agents and solutions





Graphs: Flow diagrams that show the processes the company should follow to fully adopt green technology

Important Concepts to know about when planning to go green







Draft Media Statement

All Clean Company working to improve environmental protection through “Go Green and Clean” initiative

FOR RELEASE JUNE 10, 2022 at 09:00 AM

ANGUS GIBSON, June 10, 2022 – All Clean will participate in Green Culture Summit to present its innovative efforts for projects designed to encourage the use of green cleaning products, promote environment conservation, educate the public on “Going Green and Clean”, and help reduce health issues caused by use of cleaning products with harmful chemicals.

· Beyond Zero Emissions and All Clean will apply targeted communications to customers throughout the remaining part of 2022 to promote awareness of environmental benefits of using green products and equipment for property cleaning.

· In partnership with advertising agency GMS, All Clean will launch social media campaigns that are intended to reach potential customers that are less likely to purchase green cleaning services.


Draft Change Plan




Resource Requirement

Performance Measures

 Staff training (and related tasks)


 5/5/2022 – 5/20/2022

 Training resources, and visual aids

 Acceptance of green culture and readiness to use the bio-safe products


 Crew members


 Change implementation plan, Risk management plan

 Better understanding of the new-fangled ideas


 Sales executives



 Newsletters, social media accounts

 Ability to convince customers buy cleaning services despite the increased costs

 Rostering and scheduling tasks

 Office supervisor


 Understanding of the new technology

 Reduced anxiety and ability to make proper schedules


Draft Communication Plan


               Draft Communication Plan

Target audience:

Who do we want to inform?

Key messages:

What do we want to tell them?

Communication methods:

How are we going to tell them?


Who is responsible for doing it?



By when does this need to happen?

Date completed


You will start using more environmentally friendly cleaning agents as we “Go Green and Clean”


Operations Manager



Expect training sessions to help you familiarise with our new practices and policies

Poster and Meetings

Human Resource Manager



We expect your readiness to accept and adapt to these changes


Operations Manager




Our company is replacing the chemical-based cleaning agents it previously used with more environmentally friendly ones as it adopts Green Culture. You should expect some changes in service charges.


Customer Service Representative




Our company needs your support in selecting the most appropriate products and equipment when adopting the Green and Clean culture

Email, meetings, newsletters

Operations Manager




All Clean is determined to reduce its overall impact on the environment. We, therefore, comply with the relevant regulations that protect you and your environment


Marketing Manager



General public

All Clean is putting extra effort towards environmental protection by considering the use of green products that are more friendly to the environment

Social media posts/campaigns

Digital Marketing Manager





Draft Risk Assessment


Risk Assessment Form Template



Name: Angus Gibson

Position: Operations Manager


Risk details

Risk ID:  2

Raised by: Hugo Carter

raised:  5/29/2022

Description of risk:

Operational risk is associated with the very high initial investment in green technology. Given that green technology is fairly new and still under development, All Clean may end up investing in an initiative that will result in huge losses (especially if customers demand declines due to the increase in service pricing)

Likelihood of risk:



Impact of risk:



Risk mitigation

Preventative actions recommended:

 Select green technology that is already tried, tested, and proven to deliver. This may mean working with industry experts that understand aspects of going green and conducting all the necessary analyses.


Contingency actions recommended:

Analyse risk exposures then implement measures for controlling them. The selected measures should control the present and future exposures.

Approval details

Supporting documentation:

Risk Management Plan





Signature:   Date:   /  / 




Assessment 4: Part B

[Role Play to be organised by the assessor]



Assessment 5: Part A

Professional Plan for moving from Operations Manager to General Manager Position



Specific Objective

Your Current

Skills and Experience Needs




Time Frame

Achieved? Y/N

Join All Clean’s strategic leadership training

To improve data-based design and decision-making

Attend all sessions

Complete all practicals


Yes, with support from the organisation’s career growth and development programs


The skills and experiences support my need for personal and professional development for strategic leadership

2 weeks, June


Become a member of Forum on Leadership in Digital Age

Technological proficiency, agility, creativity, and ability to lead self-organised teams that optimise daily activities

Ask questions of concern

Respond to questions from others

Participate daily

Yes, the forum runs online and I can log in anytime to participate

Interacting with other leaders helps to learn what others do differently, and offers a great opportunity to learn from other leaders

Permanent membership


Enrol for Management Development Programme

Increase understand of economic concepts, gain ability to analyse financial health of the company, manage budgets better, and skills for adopting culture of innovation, continuous improvement and learning

Take online classes

Complete assignment and exams

Get a  certificate

Yes, online courses are more flexible and I can learn during my free time

I will gain the skills for managing and improving overall business performance

Three months, July/August/ September