The new Samsung ad for Galaxy S8 is unique in the history of the marketing of mobile phone products. For the first time, Samsung has used animals to convey a message about the splendid features of the mobile device. The setting is in the wilderness, and the information is available to the audience. An ostrich that gets stuck into a Gear VR comes to experience Samsung Galaxy S8 and is inspired to do the unthinkable. This video is very effective and fits the descriptions of a good advertisement. The company must have used values for lifestyle (VALS) to produce this ad. VALS are very important in understanding customer decisions for better delivery. The ad can be described using the VALS types: survivors, makers, strivers, believers, experiencers, achievers, thinkers and innovators.

Many people understand the living conditions of animals in the wilderness. The norms of the ostriches speak of their inability to fly high into the sky. The advert, however, comes to undo the traditions and norms by inspiring the ostrich to imagine how good it would feel to be in the sky. Samsung Galaxy S8 not only encourages the bird to dream but makes the bird’s dream come true. The message flows well, and events are well connected, making it easy to understand. While wandering in the wilderness, an ostrich spots a picnic table and walks towards it to get food. It pecks food from the plate, and some pieces fall near the Samsung headset. The bird reaches out to the pieces when the headset suddenly gets stuck on its head. Raising its head up, maybe, in an attempt to get the gear off, the bird sees the sky very clearly. The vision of huge clouds, which have been magnified through the Gear VR, gets the ostrich to think of flying.

This excitement is clear from how it rattles its feathers, spreading the wings and flapping them as if preparing to fly. The bird runs back to the group and goes passed them running. Its first attempt to soar fails, and it falls to the ground with a thud. This does not discourage. The ostrich remains curious and determined to fulfil its dream. It observes the sky through the night and succeeds the next morning. It flies away from the group. The background music passes this similar message about flight. Elton John’s song, The Rocket Man, is about an astronaut father who is confronted with mixed feelings about leaving his family behind to pursue his career. The ad lasts for about two minutes, but the content is great. This ad uses the ability of the ostrich to fly despite historical beliefs as doing “what can’t be done” and the ability of Galaxy S8 to work with Gear VR to represent” what can’t be made”.


Survivors live with few resources and believe that the world is changing too quickly. They are comfortable with familiar conditions and are more concerned about safety and security. The unique nature of the ad addresses the needs of such customers. Samsung is a South Korean company which is known for the production of various electronic devices. The ad is for marketing a new product that has just been introduced. The massage is about galaxy S8, which can make its users discover new things and succeed in pursuing new dreams. The fear and doubts of customers are represented by the fall of the ostrich when it tries to soar. Therefore, the ostrich’s successful flight is meant to convince customers that they don’t need to fear because the product can be trusted to deliver what it promises.


They live within a traditional context of family, practical work, and physical revelation. This type of consumer tends to be suspicious of innovative ideas and does not allow intrusion. These are the people represented by the ostrich in the group. They are not curious and do not value the discovery of new things. The ad tells customers who are comfortable with familiar things that they are likely to be left behind.


Strivers go after fun, are motivated by achievement and seek other people’s opinions and approvals. This is how the Samsung Company can be described. It is determined to know what customers think about its products to know exactly what to deliver and how to do it. Customers in this category favor stylish products, and the company does well to introduce a quality product that will satisfy their needs.


These people concentrate on beliefs based on traditions and established codes like family, religion and society. This group is also represented by ostriches that continue to walk in groups and teach each other what they have heard from elders with no attempt to implement change. People who follow norms are like the ostriches who don’t believe they can fly. The advert encourages customers to move away from the crowd and make new imaginations since the new technologies are able to fulfil new discoveries.


Become enthusiastic about new possibilities. Experiencers seek new opportunities and are risk-takers. Samsung Company continues to develop new ideas through the testing of different capabilities. They are like the ostrich with the headset, which is not discouraged by falling over when it tries to fly. Like the ostrich, the company continues to dream, believing it will achieve its desires someday. Customers in this category also value fashion, entertainment and socializing. The new mobile device is capable of satisfying these needs.


Achievers lead goal-oriented lifestyles with great commitment to careers and families. The staff at Samsung Company can be described as achievers. The commitment in their careers can be seen from how they focus on producing devices that will ensure the survival of the company. They also work hard to market the product to ensure that customers keep coming for more fashionable devices. The customers here prefer products and services that are successful. The ad cares for their need for time-saving information by providing a short ad lasting about two minutes.


They value order, knowledge and responsibility. They tend to be well-informed about the world and events within a nation. Samsung Company has good knowledge of market trends, and the changing customer demands all over the world. This knowledge guides their production of devices. They understand that customers look for durability, functionality and value when buying products.


Samsung is an innovator since it has many resources which allow it to welcome the latest ideas and technology. Customers in this category value image to help express their taste, independence and personality. The people in this group are leaders in discovering and pursuing new opportunities.


The message contained here may not make much sense to the conscious mind because it is meant to go beyond the normal limits of perception. Therefore, a viewer watching the video will miss the point. Engaging the unconscious is necessary to understand the message fully. Bearing psychological needs in mind, the marketers have used a hilarious video. The video begins by showing normal life in the wild, but the fun begins when the ostrich encounters the Gear VR headset that plays a flight simulator video.

The bird’s reaction when it sees the clouds so near brings joy and excitement. Friendship and love exist among the birds, as can be seen from their concern about the member who has the device, which makes it behave strangely. Curiosity drives the ostrich with the headset making it determined to leave others behind in pursuit of its dream to fly. The discovery of how beautiful the sky looks when viewed closely is the source of excitement. The bird finally manages to fly away, this symbolizes achievement.