My dream career is to become a professor in economics and run a fitness center in 10 years from now. At present, I major in economics and sport leadership management. For four years after my graduation, I will remain a staff at a high school in Miami. I will teach economics and volunteer as a sports director for players and athletes together with their coaches in about four top schools. In two years, I will enroll for a masters program at Miami University to further my career in economics. Two years later, I will apply for internship at Rosenhaus Sports so that I get a supervisor’s position in five years time. I will continue with my masters program for six years. When I get employed at the university as a professor, I will terminate my contract with Rosenhaus Sports. I will start a family, invest in a fitness center and become a fulltime lecturer at the university.

Over the next one year, I will remain a staff at either Coral Reef Senior or G. Holmes Braddock High School. I will major in teaching economics and physical education (P.E). During this time, I will start my volunteer schedule as a director of sports for teams in different top schools in Miami. I will be planning to enroll for masters program in the coming year and will therefore focus on saving money. I will actively participate in sports activities to gain popularity and build my reputation.

Five years from now, I will have enrolled for masters program at the university and will be advancing my economics career. I believe this will be possible because my academic performance record since my first years indicates that there is a very slim chance of graduating with a grade lower than Upper Second Class honors. I will be a staff at the high school that I get for four years. In the fifth years I will become a supervisor at Rosenhaus Sports Representation. My master’s degree program will take six years because I want to become a professor in economics.

In the remaining five years of my ten-year career plan, I will work as at Rosenhaus Sports for three year while studying for my master’s degree which should end around this time. When I finally get employed as a professor at the university, I will terminate my contract with Rosenhaus and invest in a fitness center. Having achieved my career objectives, I will focus on starting a family in nine years from now. I will employ qualified coaches to run my fitness business so that I concentrate on my lectures at the university and spend my free time with my family.

My one-year plan will help me become financially independent and enable me to save enough money to pay for my masters program. Being actively involved in sports activities will help me gain more experience and skills to develop my career in sport leadership management. Volunteer services will help me gain popularity and get recognition from Rosenhaus, where I will serve as an intern, then later become a supervisor in sport management. My career as a supervisor will enable me to earn enough money to pay for my masters program and save for later investment in fitness center. The financial stability I achieve after nine years will help me raise a family and provide for most of its needs.

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