Essays and research papers are the most common forms of writing, but there are additional writing types, such as the ones discussed in this post.

PowerPoint (PPT) Presentation

There are times you or your client need to create PowerPoint slides to present given ideas. It is a very easy task. Follow these steps:

First, open your PowerPoint Program. It comes with a Microsoft Office package. If you open it for the first time, you will be prompted to select a template. Choose the blank one.

Secondly, select your preferred design. Click the “Design” tab and scroll through to pick the option that pleases you. Hovering over the designs will give you a preview of how your ppt. Slides will look like with every available design. Apply the one you choose. 

Thirdly, build your title page. The boxes within your first slide will prompt you to add the title of your presentation, and a subtitle. Type your titles appropriately, and adjust the text size if you so wish.

Fourth, add as many slides as you need for the body, conclusion, and references. Each slide comes with a title space and area for presenting your summarized points. To add another slide, by right-clicking on the space below your first slide and selecting “New Slide” or by returning to the toolbar and clicking on the “New Slide” icon. Alternatively, you may right-click on the first slide and select “Insert New Slide” and so on.

Fifth, you can add any form of content to your slides. Slides accommodate texts, pictures, graphs, charts, etc. Use the “Insert” button on the toolbar to insert images or shapes from your device, online, or from the built-in alternatives. You can always resize or crop the pictures to the size you find appropriate. 

Sixth, add transitions. This makes your presentation lively and engaging. The “Animations” tab is used to achieve this effect. There are several transitions, so pick the one that suits your needs after reviewing the available options.

Seventh, this is optional. If you find the need to rearrange your slides, it is possible! You simply click on the slide you wish to reposition, then drag it to its new position.

Once done, you may play the presentation and view them using the “Slide Show” tab. Click on this tab and select ‘record from the beginning’ to make a video presentation. You can add Voice-over. Ensure your Microphone is one and speak throughout your presentation. 

Now go to ‘File’ and select export. You may choose if your presentation is for ‘Internet Use’ or ‘Normal Presentation.’ Now select to retain ‘narrations and timing’ then create your video. 

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Personal Statement Structure

A personal statement should include the following sections:

  • Your reasons for selecting the course(s) or subject(s)
  • What you are studying at the moment, and how it compares to the course or subject
  • A narration of your life experiences and how they associate with the course you are applying for
  • Discussion of your responsibilities and interests, and their relevance to the selected course/subject
  • What you plan to do after graduation (for university-level)
  • A summary that explains why you are suitable to study the course (why you believe you are a great student)


Generally, a student’s personal statement describes who he or she is, strengths, education, and work experience (basic skills like customer service, computer skills, time management, etc.). Those who do not have relevant work experience should explain how their hobbies and interests relate to the course they apply for. 

Begin the personal statement by giving a brief account of your professional side. Write it as a blurb that describes who you are in a sentence or so. For instance, I can describe myself as follows:

“A highly skilled freelancer who recently completed a course in digital marketing.”

The length of a personal statement may vary based on the instructions given. However, the rule of thumb is that a personal statement needs to offer a short, snappy explanation. In most instances, it ranges from 50-150 words.

The conclusion of the personal statement should present the individual’s objective. Explain why you desire the opportunity and why you believe you are the best fit.

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A resume is essential and should be updated frequently. Even more important is the structure, which varies from year to year. For this reason, you should write the resume using the latest designs that year. The correct headings and sections will make you more appealing before your employers.

There are several resume designs released each year, therefore, it is important to know factors to look for. Placing yourself in the human resource personnel’s position, a great resume offers the following:

  • Reach the important details quickly
  • Properly-defined headings
  • Attractive presentation of detailed information about the applicant 


The range of information presented in a resume depends on the selected design or template components. However, the following are the essential elements that should never be left out.

  • Contact details: As an applicant, you must provide the potential employers a way of reaching you. Ensure that the contact details in your resume are up-to-date.
  • Well-built summary statement: A summary statement sums up the applicant’s experience and skills briefly. Present it at the top of the resume.
  • Write around keywords: Paying attention to the job description will enable you to identify the employer’s keywords. Using these in your application letter or resume offers you an advantage.
  • Job background: As you list the jobs you have held in the past, ensure to indicate accomplishments you gained in each one of them. Proving your excellence in previous jobs may make you stand out.
  • Education: If possible, use this section to list educational attainments above high school. Indicate the certifications and the courses that are still in progress. Do not forget to describe coursework with a particular connection to the job position or role that you are applying for. 

Use these subheadings to organize your resume. The easiest way to write your resume or write for a client is to utilize the already published resume templates. 

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